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June 7, 2006

Events in Buffalo, Fort Erie, Scheduled for June 16 and 17

In a historic cross border event, "Peace Has No Borders: A Festival of Resistance" people from Canada and the US will come together to show their support for the courageous young people who have left the U.S. military and come to Canada because of their opposition to the Iraq War.

The Festival will be the first such cross border event of the Iraq War. It will include a major rally and concert at Kleinhans Music Hall in Buffalo, NY; a picnic across the Peace Bridge in Fort Erie, ON, and a friendly ceremony near the Peace Bridge where Canadians and war resisters will welcome Cindy Sheehan and representatives of Iraq Veterans Against the War, Veterans For Peace, Military Families Speak Out, Gold Star Families for Peace, and other Americans who support the war resisters.

"'Peace Has No Borders'" is an expression of the widespread support the war resisters have received not only from thousands of Canadians, but from Americans who honour their courage in refusing to fight in the illegal, immoral Iraq War," said Brenda Wall, a trade unionist and member of the War Resisters Support Campaign, who will emcee the events in Fort Erie.

"Never, in the history of the US, has such a gathering taken place on the border of our country. Our goal is to inform people and raise support for the growing number of Iraq war resisters living in this country and abroad," said Bruce Beyer, a former Vietnam War resister and Buffalo native.

The attached poster contains further details on Peace Has No Borders; additional information can also be found on the event website www.peacehasnoborders.org. Also attached is a schedule of the day's events in Fort Erie, Ontario.


For further information:
Michelle Robidoux 416 856 5008 (cell)
Lee Zaslofsky 416 598 1222
Bruce Beyer 716-854-1659